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The Vegan Menu: A Creative Culinary Adventure

Indulge in the Vegan options and experience a culinary adventure that celebrates the richness of plant-based ingredients, creativity, and the art of pairing fine wines with exceptional dishes.

This vegan menu showcases the full range of flavors and textures, making it a satisfying and memorable gastronomic journey. Enjoy the finest plant-based dishes, thoughtfully paired with our exceptional Anhydrous wines.

A refreshing and vibrant starter to tantalize your taste buds:
Crunchy Green Salad with Cucumber, Beetroot, and Fennel
Paired with Anhydrous Two Islands | Varietal

A hearty mix of beans and chickpeas, perfectly complemented by the smoky flavor of grilled oyster mushrooms and fresh vegetables.
Ospriada with Grilled Oyster Mushrooms, Tomato, Zucchini, and Aromatic Herbs
Paired with Anhydrous Aidani | PGI Cyclades

Savor the rich, nutty taste of grilled cauliflower combined with creamy chickpea tahini and the crunch of caramelized hazelnuts.
Grilled Cauliflower with Chickpea Cream with Tahini, Caramelized Hazelnuts, and Fragrant Salad
Paired with Anhydrous Grace | PGI Cyclades

End your meal with a delightful dessert featuring a spiced dacquoise, sweet potato ice cream, and a luscious fruit compôte with walnuts.
Dacquoise of Spices with Date, Sweet Potato Ice Cream, and Fruit Compôte with Walnuts
Paired with Anhydrous Sweet Sun | PGI Cyclades

Experience all the deliciousness and creativity of our chef in this exquisite vegan menu! Nutritious legumes, fresh vegetables, and nuts come together to offer a complete, flavorful, and nutritionally rich dining experience.



May to October


50/person (Prices include the legal VAT)

Transportation is not included in the price

We do not serve alcohol to people under 18 years old

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