Join our Cooking lessons at Anhydrous Cellar Door

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Join our Cooking lessons at Anhydrous Cellar Door


Immerse yourself in the culinary traditions of Santorini with our exclusive cooking lessons.

Join us for a hands-on experience where you’ll learn to prepare a selection of three popular local dishes, guided by our expert chefs.

What You’ll Experience:
Authentic Santorinian Cuisine: Dive into the rich culinary heritage of Santorini as you create traditional dishes
using locally sourced ingredients.
Hands-On Learning: Our interactive classes ensure that you get practical experience, from preparation to plating.
Expert Guidance: Learn from skilled chefs who share their secrets and techniques for crafting delicious, authentic meals.
Gourmet Enjoyment: Savor the fruits of your labor with a delightful tasting session, paired with our exquisite Anhydrous wines.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a culinary novice, our cooking lessons offer a unique and enjoyable way to experience the flavors of Santorini. Book your spot today and take home not just recipes, but memories of an unforgettable culinary adventure.


April to October

90/person. Minimum 2 persons. (Prices include the legal VAT).

Transportation is not included in the price

We do not serve alcohol to people under 18 years old

When you register for any of the Anhydrous services, you agree to our Cancellation Policy

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