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Assyrtiko Lovers

40.00 60 minutes

Assyrtiko Experience is a vertical wine tasting of 6 different Assyrtiko wines of older vintages.

The tasting is accompanied by our Chef’s welcoming dip full of Greek traditional flavours and breadsticks.

It is especially designed for wine connaiseurs to taste older vintages and unfold Assyrtiko – Santorini’s king grape – while ages with grace. The wine tasting includes rare labels that are out of  the market.

The guided tour is presented by our Sommelier. It begins with Santorini’s history, the Assyrtiko aroma table, it continues to the cement, clay and stainless steel egg shaped tanks. The tour is completed at the Afoura barrel cellar.


April to October


40/person (Prices include the legal VAT)

Transportation is not included in the price

We do not serve alcohol to people under 18 years old

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